Monday, October 15, 2007

Tests Done So far

Email message August 19, 2007
Dr. Agnes Bausa Claudio
By the way, I have tried the enzyme with Randy's father. He was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic syndrome (a pre-leukemic state) and presently have a failing bone marrow that's why he is persistently anemic (pale due to low hemoglobin lever and red blood cells due to failing bone marrow and red cell production). The neurologist is considering also a mass in the brain specifically the pituitary gland that's why he was suffering from continues lowering of his Sodium serum level.

He had his check up yesterday, surprisingly his hemoglobin rise up to 109 from 94 and his sodium 134 from 115 which previously all are falling. He has been taking the enzyme since our visit with you.

Thanks for the advise Father. Keep in touch.


Lourdes Chugani
Tumor in the colon
AFP Tests since Oct 7, 2006

The significance of this testimony is that, she was given last October 2006 six months to live. I met the family Dec 28, 2006. From Oct to Jan the AFP count increased by 1705 more. She started taking the enzyme in January. Notice the dramatic lowering of the count by months. The cancer did not spread to other parts of the body.

Date / Hospital/Clinic / Test / Standard / Actual Count
10/7/06 Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital AFP <10.9 ng/ml 6980.8
1/24/07 Tawam Hospital AFP Ug/l 8685.2
2/8/07 Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital AFP < 10.9ng/ml 1146
3/23/07 New World Laboratory AFP 0.00 - 7.00 ng/ml 363
June/07 Paredes-Cruz AFP <>

Outstanding testimonies

Outstanding Testimonies

Rani’s Mother.
Last October 2006 she was diagnosed with tumor in the colon. She was given six months to live then. Her AFP in February (term for cancer cells count) went over 8000 of what should be < 10 ng/ml. I visited her last week of December 2006 when I introduced the enzyme. Last June her AFP count was 40. I have a file copy of her records.

Fr Jay’s Mother
August 2007. This school year Fr. Jay was transferred from DBTC to Tarlac to be near his mother. She is on the 4th stage of breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy until she was too weak to repeat the process. I suggested to Fr. Jay not to stop the drops in her water. According to Fr. Jay two Sundays ago, Nanay was getting stronger and had gone around SM.

Email From Dr. Agnes Bausa Claudio
August 19, 2007 she emailed the result of a patient under her care at Palcare Department of PGH. She described the symptoms of a pre-leukemia stage that the patient is responding well to the treatment she administered using the enzyme.

Friday, October 12, 2007


On August 11, 2007, Fr. Demetrio Carmona SDB, Vice-Rector and Executive Director for Student Services for Don Bosco Technical College, released a study with a bold statement that CANCER CAN BE ISOLATED AND STOPPED!

Fr. Carmona initiated a study to confirm the efficacy of an enzyme developed by Serafin Riosa, a Filipino researcher and the registered owner of a BFAD (Philippine’s Bureau of Food and Drug) license of the product called “Isolve”, a powerful plant-based 100% biodegradable liquid deodorizer and disinfectant.

Fr. Carmona, a long-time highly respected chemistry professor and researcher studied this enzyme and described this as the COMMON DENOMINATOR OF ATOMS (CDA). The CDA is an extract from a plant, a 100% natural compound that behaves exactly like an enzyme. Being an enzyme, the CDA is considered a catalyst. It facilitates chemical reaction without being affected by it. The CDA has the ability to break down other compounds into its elemental forms when needed.

In this study, Fr. Carmona stated that “Today the Internet is the refuge of all information seeking individuals. It was there that I came across a statement like this . . . it is easy to cure cancer if you can isolate it. ‘ISOLATE’ is the magic word that kept ringing in my ears. To be simple about it, it says, trap it where it is. Just confine it there until the end of its natural life and not the life of the patient. We shall show therefore, how we are able to trap it and give it a very short natural life in favor of LIFE.”

In summary, in his experiments since 2002 in the use of this AC enzyme, Fr. Carmona described his findings as follows:

1. Composting – doing different ways of composting, the results had the same features, i.e., no stench (no colony of bacteria), no flies, waste are converted into biodegradable materials.

2. Aquariums – Water in aquariums were not changed but excess feeds do not rot and become a haven for bacteria, urine is neutralized, dust is filtered and the feces become so organic and become feeds as well.

3. Piggery – no stench, no flies in the pen or in the animals, not even in their waste.

4. Cooling tower – one the most challenging experiment is the industrial application of controlling pH level of the cooling tower of a sugar mill.

The findings of his study turned out to be very close to the findings of Dr. A. K. Brewer Ph.D., a brilliant physicist and former Director of the National Bureau of Standards Mass Spectroscopy Laboratory (USA) who conducted the first human tests of cesium on terminal cancer patients. His findings were outlined in a paper, “The High pH Therapy for Cancer: Tests on Mice and Humans” published in the Journal of Pharmacology Biochemistry & Behaviour.

Fr. Carmona stated that they have an enzyme, which he code-named AC Enzyme, that has two very peculiar but very powerful characteristics. First, AC has the ability to raise the pH of materials in liquid and paste forms. Secondly, AC has a very high electrical energy with a negative 90 milli-volts.

Dr. Brewer’s intervention to isolate cancer is on the molecular level. In his study, Dr. Brewer’s statement that “Mass spectrographic and isotope studies have shown that potassium, rubidium, and especially cesium are most efficiently taken up by cancer cells” is of great interest for Fr. Carmona’s own findings in their experiments. Fr. Carmona is convinced that Dr. Brewer’s findings and its consequences can be literally applied to the performance of the AC enzyme.

In his experiments for the past five years, Fr. Carmona and top doctors from the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) administered the AC Enzyme to a very sick and terminal cancer patients. Among the remarkable results in one of these experiments, the patient’s cancer cell count was reduced to only 40 cancer cells from the baseline cancer cell count of 8,000 cancer cells in just a few months.

In his paper, Fr. Carmona compared the AC test results in a comparative table with the results of the following:

1. Dr. A.K. Brewer’s molecular level experiment.
2. Test and analysis of the diet and environment where Hopi Indians live. The incidence of Cancer for Hopi Indians is 1 in 1,000 compared to 1 in 4 for the USA as a whole.
3. The Hunza of North Pakistan where Cancer is essentially unknown was also investigated.
4. Current Medical Practice.

The analysis covered the comparative view of the facts, approach, medium, study and results, observations and comments, and conclusion.

In summary, Fr. Carmona’s findings also show that the AC Enzyme:

1. Has the ability to raise the pH of water, juices, milk, etc., on contact.
2. Has an electrical energy level equivalent to a negative 90 milli-volts and up with a pH of 14.
3. Is an herbal compound sourced from a Banana plant.
4. Is rich in Potassium.

The results of the study coincided with the theory that cancer cells are at most +40 milli-volts or lower and acidic (H+). The AC Enzyme having a pH of 14 are alkaline molecules (OH-) and are negatively charged. The higher negatively charged alkaline (-) molecules of the AC Enzyme are ‘taken up’ by the acidic (+) cancer cell molecules given the fact that opposite electrical charges attract each other. The AC Enzyme, being an alkaline, will raise the pH of the cancer cells and cell mitosis stops. The cancer cells then die shortly.

Fr. Carmona concluded that the AC Enzyme will give the human body an alkaline environment and the body will not only ward off illnesses but it can also stop these illnesses from spreading further to damage other areas.

This development is a significant advancement in the search for cancer therapy. The latest statistics show that the growing incidence of deaths due to cancer not only in the U.S. but all over the world. These statistics are so compelling that mankind must NOW have an effective, non-toxic and affordable CURE to this unsolved killer disease.

In the year 2000, malignant tumours were responsible for 12 per cent of the nearly 56 million deaths worldwide from all causes. In many countries, more than a quarter of deaths are attributable to cancer. In 2000, 5.3 million men and 4.7 million women developed a malignant tumour and altogether 6.2 million died from the disease. The report also reveals that cancer has emerged as a major public health problem in developing countries, matching its effect in industrialized nations.

The development of the AC Enzyme to a commercially available OTC food supplement is the preferred direction of the owner and he believes that this is definitely one giant step to achieving man’s never ending quest for a long, healthy and happy life.

For more information on the AC Enzyme, please feel free to email to The proponents of this effort are now producing this enzyme on a test basis. This enzyme, sourced from purely natural elements, would be made a commercially available OTC food supplement intended for everyone regardless of your income bracket, age, color, or religious preferences